It’s Those Damned Danes Again

Review of Borgen, Standpoint
By Nick Cohen
It is a statement of the obvious to say that since the Ancient Greeks writers have known that the powerful are more dramatic than the rest of us. You do not need me to tell you that their decisions can improve or destroy individuals or nations; that what leaders do with power shows their character in the clearest light, and teaches the rest of us hard truths about human nature. Someone needs to tell the controllers of television, however. Their disdain for politics in part explains the collapse of British TV drama from world leader to also-ran.

Media managers still commission excellent one-off drama-documentaries — Peter Morgan’s films about the Blair years, for instance. But drama series come from the classics, or the tired detective genre or feel-good scripts written by and for Middle England because editors lack the imaginative intelligence to see their society in the round.
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