Nigel Farage is getting away with it

Nigel Farage posing with cigar


This article originally appeared in the Norwegian daily Verdens Gang Link here


Britain’s “winner takes all” electoral system must seem staggeringly unfair to Norwegians or the citizens of any country with proportional representation.

It meant in most of Britain that you had to vote for the Conservative or Labour Party if you wanted a say in government. Outside of the nationalist and sectarian bastions of Scotland and Northern Ireland, if you expressed another preference, you would waste your vote supporting a party that had no chance of gaining more than a handful of Members of Parliament, even if it represented 15 per cent or more of the population.

For all its unfairness, there was something to be said for the British way of doing politics. It helped ensure that Britain never had a mass fascist or communist party, and gave us “strong government”. The British had no choice but to be sensible.

Many don’t want to be sensible anymore. Being sensible makes no sense in a Europe torn by crisis. Continue reading