The Cult of the Supreme CEO


The great leader’s followers know he goes “absolutely mental” at the tiniest deviation from the party line. He screams his contempt for the offender in public so that all learn the price of heresy. Go beyond minor breaches of party discipline and raise serious doubts about the leader’s “vision” of global domination and that’s the end of you. “You’re toast,” he says, and his henchmen lead you away.

In private, his underlings mutter that the leader is a “sociopath” with “no capacity for compassion”. Even though he terrifies them, their hatred of him is far from complete. When he relaxes, the great leader can be charming. His favour brings reward. The further you move up the hierarchy, the more blessings you receive, and the more you believe the leader’s propagandists when they hail his “originality” and “rigour”. History is vindicating the leader. His power is growing. The glorious day when the world recognises his greatness is coming.

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