Syria shows the littleness of Ed Miliband

Ed Miliband

It would be dishonest of me to try to out-Jew Ed Miliband. What’s the point? We are both the children of Marxist atheists with no connections to religious Judaism. I wouldn’t even raise the Jewish question if Ed Miliband did not keep trying to remind us of his link to the horrors of the Holocaust.

In speeches introducing himself to the nation, he announced his anti-fascist pedigree by saying that his parents were “two young people [who] fled the darkness that had engulfed the Jews across Europe” to find “the light of liberty in Britain”. How well his words once sounded. As a politician whose grandfather had been murdered in a Nazi death camp, he would oppose crimes against humanity. As the child of immigrants, he would never play the race card.

One unnoticed casualty of the Syrian crisis is that Miliband Minor will never be able to use the Holocaust again.

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