Sexual abuse: Don’t play their games

Campaigning In The Eastleigh By-election Continues Ahead Of Polling Day On February 28

In these paranoid circumstances, you can no more guarantee that the Liberal Democrats will put the interests of justice before the interests of the party than you can expect the Socialist Workers Party to provide an alternative to a court of law. Conspiracy theory, manifesting itself as a paranoid fear of a “bourgeois state” or “Tory press”, prevents an honest evaluation of the facts.

I have one further point, which I accept it is difficult for a man to make. If women in either the Liberal Democrats or the Socialist Workers Party feel that the hierarchy is brushing their grievances aside for the sake of political convenience they should not just go to the police. They should also think of going to a TV studio and making a fuss. I know, I know, easy to say and hard to do. But there is nothing the Comrade Deltas and Comrade Cleggs fear more than a woman speaking to camera, live and on air.

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