Greed and fear: Why Cameron dare not dump Murdoch

When all else fails, greed and fear explain otherwise inexplicable behaviour. Understand their power and you will grasp why the apparently tough-minded David Cameron and Alex Salmond still defend Rupert Murdoch. The ordinary rules of politics say they should abandon him without a moment’s regret. Base survival instincts ought to tell them that the scandals around News Corporation are a disease that may never be cured.

A by no means exhaustive list of the horrors ahead begins with Andy Coulson and Rebekah Brooks appearing at the Leveson inquiry this week. The non-Murdoch press will not shirk our duty to recall the fabulous social whirl that was once the “Chipping Norton Set”. We will remind you of how Brooks, Elisabeth Murdoch and Matthew Freud slapped and scratched the backs of David and Samantha Cameron at country homes, while Jeremy Clarkson flitted in and out of their parties – gambolling through the Cotswolds like a portly court fool.
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