Galloway and Livingstone: Tweedledum and Tweedledumber

From the Observer
On the face of it, Ken Livingstone and George Galloway could not be further apart. Livingstone is the Labour candidate in the contest to be mayor of London. The party’s leaders defend him against every critic, and indulge his every excess. George Galloway hates Labour, and Labour hates him. He accuses it of being a nest of warmongers and capitalist lackeys. Labour replies that he is a dictators’ stooge, and adds that he is the worst possible politician to represent the urban poor because the record of the last parliament showed he preferred mewing like a cat on a reality TV show to turning up for work in the House of Commons.

Step outside party politics, however, and the differences between the two disappear like the morning mist.
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One thought on “Galloway and Livingstone: Tweedledum and Tweedledumber

  1. Well you could live in the paradise that is Venezuela I spopuse.No doubt you find Livingstones approval of Islamic Nazis and the IRA equally edifying .Lovely , and as I am a working man can I politely request you not to help me any more , thus far you have helped me into near penury with a 30% adjusted spending increase in ten years paid for by the single income family.Help someone else please.I didn`t know Compass had roots in some Communist sect , they are Ken`s favourite think tank and have been working for nothing it appears on his behalf , you recall all the fuss.Interesting, I didn`t know you were a far left radical Bob , were you a member of some organisation called Real Communist Future or something (splitters)? I daresay you had a pony tail and everything

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