One law for the rich, no law for the poor

Equality before the law fails in an unequal society. Instead of one legal system, class-ridden Britain now has three. At the top, the barristers other lawyers most admire have escaped the constraints of the nation state and chase multimillion pound briefs from the global plutocracy. The downwardly mobile members of the squeezed middle find the costs of going to law cripple them. And at the bottom, the coalition has decided the rule of law no longer covers the poor.
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2 thoughts on “One law for the rich, no law for the poor

  1. not a big fan (ingrams syndrome) but rarely miss your column, congratulations for today, inspiring.

  2. Your article on legal aid is absolute rubbish. It is open to abuse by lawyers who take great pleasure in writing unecessary letters knowing the state will pay. The only fair way if you keep legal aid is to give it to both parties. How many middle class dads do you know who can fight a contact case and spend the same as their ex wife -£150,000 was my ex’s bill.
    What experience have you had?

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