Attack of the Militant Secularists

you want to hear a BBC discussion going hopelessly wrong, listen to the ‘debate’ between the Bishop of Lichfield, Jonathan Gledhill and Alan Beith on the Today programme this morning. Radio 4 meant it to be about the established church, and set the Anglican bishop against the Methodist Beith. But a freemasonry of the faithful took over, and ‘balance’ went out of the window. Conformist and non-conformist united against their common enemy, ‘militant secularism’. Not just Anglicans and Methodists, Beith assured us, but Sikhs, Jews, Muslims and Hindus were at one in their fear of the secularist menace. ‘It is bad enough having to put up with the platitudinous propaganda of Thought for the Day,’ I thought, ‘but this is too much.’
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2 thoughts on “Attack of the Militant Secularists

  1. Nick – hi – hope you and family are well. Just a small point – Jonathan Gledhill is not my brother. As far as we know we are not related although there might be a genetic link – he bears some physical resemblance to my late father Peter who was an Anglican clergyman. That might be where the confusion arises – people who know about that often assume a relationship between me and Jonathan! Thanks for the mention in any case….

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