Where are the judges fit for the internet age?

Imagine Paul Chambers sitting in a pub, boasting about a wonderful woman he was hoping to make his own. As he describes how he will fly from the East Midlands to her home in Northern Ireland for their first date, he catches a glimpse of the television news. Bad weather has closed the airport.

“Crap!” he bellows at the screen in mock fury. “Robin Hood airport is closed. You’ve got a week and a bit to get your shit together, otherwise I’m blowing the airport sky high!”
By definition, a pub is a public place but no one takes any notice. His friends laugh at the lame gag, then forget it. A busybody by the bar overhears him, but the smile on Chambers’s face tells him that he is joking. In any case, the busybody reflects, terrorists have attacked airports for many reasons and delayed passengers have found all kinds of ways to express their frustration. But no one has ever blown an airport sky high because snow has closed its runways.
Instead of joking in a pub, however, Chambers joked on Twitter. His case is a cautionary tale to all who do not realise that the new technologies are Janus-faced.
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3 thoughts on “Where are the judges fit for the internet age?

  1. Great piece. In the years ahead, maybe a lot people will start recoiling from the web, once they have been affected in a bad way by it. It will become a different thing with people’s changing behaviour but surely there will be smarter use of it?
    I shake my head at Paul’s story.

  2. The only weakness I see is callnig the current political situation a crisis . Fair dinkum I’m getting fed up to the fucking eyeballs hearing people of all types, weak bastards all, describing this situation as a mess , crisis etc.This is NOT a mess, Not a crisis. This is the hospital, where democracy could be restored. Democracy is under the lights with the wounds exposed but the hung parliament is ready to administer treatment. Democracy is in a mess but now it finds itself in a situation of potential safety and repair.Our democracy has been dragged out of the the mire of corruption by lobbyists and political donations. Democracy has been infested, weakened and weighed down by unbeneficial parasites in the media, we know the ones I’m talking about. Democracy has been getting regular kicks in the head by the mining companies and other big business interests.Those who would send us back to a vote want Democracy back out on the streets and in the gutter.

  3. Yo, I think a lot of people share your ooinipn on this one mark. The cost of Uni is definitively an issue for a lot of people now days. I love this Ultimately, talent and hard work will make you succeed though . I agree 4 billion%

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