Whatever happened to Human Rights?

Human rights campaigners need to follow a self-denying ordinance if they are not to become enemies of the values they espouse. Like a civil servant or judge, they must leave their passions at the office door, and oppose the oppressive, whoever they are and whatever the consequences. It is easy for me to say that, but the record of Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International tells you that it is hard for them to do so. To their politically committed workers impartiality can feel a thin and bloodless doctrine. It requires them to criticise people they regard as friends and provide inadvertent comfort to enemies.

The effort required in maintaining universal principles is too much for them.
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3 thoughts on “Whatever happened to Human Rights?

  1. Thank you Nick – I feel so alientated from much of the british left with its knee jerk anti- american /israeli outlook, that seems not to care about abuses by anyone else. This seems also sadly true of the human rights groups and even some charities who have not raised much ire over Syria where they did over Gaza. Caroline

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