More power to Nick Cohen’s elbow!

Nick Cohen (he of “What’s Left?”) really is one of the good guys. If his website isn’t on your personal list of places to visit once a week or so, then it should be (he said, with the “now listen to me” tone of the ex-teacher). He’s just published a new book on censorship, “You Can’t Read This Book: Censorship in an Age of Freedom” (out now and available for your e-book reader!), and I’ve been trying to follow his comments and articles on his website. The core of this particular article is contained in this quote: ‘When I was researching You Can’t Read This Book, my study of censorship, an old joke came back to me. “You can be a famous poisoner or a successful poisoner but you can’t be both”. Successful censorship is hidden.’
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5 thoughts on “More power to Nick Cohen’s elbow!

  1. 367 of the censored doiamns are hosted in Australia. but only 3 if you use unique IP AddressesHere’s a country by country by unique IP address from the list provided (404 unique IP addresses on that geographic region list)US 252NL 27DE 18CA 17KR 12RU 11GB 10CN 8CZ 5FR 4SE 4AU 3DK 3ES 3JP 3RO 3BS 2BZ 2HK 2PT 2A2 1AF 1AT 1BV 1CY 1IL 1IT 1MX 1NO 1SA 1SK 1TW 1UA 1Total 404 I estimated 587 unique IP addresses in the host name resolves to IP address category. There’s 404 of them listed by geographic location. Of the 1463 marked ?? 1298 are on my cannot resolve to host name list Only 3 in Australia. The majority are seemingly located in the US (252). Bob

  2. WOW-that is so cool! I am embarrassed to admit that I am a techo-dummy. So thngis like android app is a bit over my head-LOL. I am glad you explained it all. Thanks:) Love your blog -thank you for all the hard work in putting it together for us.

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