Cristina Odone’s Notebook: Telegraph

Daily Telegraph, 30 January 2012

• Luckily, I didn’t need to fly to Davos to get my fill of stardust: TV mogul Samir Shah’s 60th birthday party drew John Humphrys, Bianca Jagger, Diane Abbott, Andrew Neil and a host of others. Nick Cohen, whose new anti-censorship polemic, You Can’t Read this Book, has elicited comparisons with the late Christopher Hitchens, was among the luminaries.

I suggested to the BBC programme-maker beside me that he could make a brilliant documentary based on Nick’s book. “Are you kidding?” he snorted, “A white, middle-class, middle-aged man? Nick’s script, yes, but only if delivered by Diane Abbott. Even better if she converts to Islam.” Why not ignore the box-ticking and just call the documentary You Can’t Watch this Programme?

5 thoughts on “Cristina Odone’s Notebook: Telegraph

  1. Eh? It WOULD make a good Dispatches-style documentary; interviews with people like Salman Rushdie, Derek Pasquil etc, would make brilliant watching. Nick, crack your knuckles and get something put together.

  2. Silke

    I don’t think it is an insult: pointless, unneccessary, though. They were friends, so if comparisons are to be made they won’t be offensive. If someone was comparing Nick Cohen with Terry Eagleton, then, that would be an insult to Cohen but a compliment to Eddie the Eagleton.
    Lazy writers will write such things; but he knows he’s in no ones shadow, and hasn’t been.

  3. What’s that they call those people, glouhs? You know, those self-righteous pricks who take advantage of some guy’s weakness or illness to hammer down whatever stupid worldview that have?Pathetic, lame, disgusting.

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