How British libel laws help rich villains escape the scrutiny of the press

The Bureau of Investigative Journalism
By Maeve McClenaghan
You Can’t Read This Book is now on sale at Amazon

“At a time of the Leveson inquiry and increased scrutiny of journalistic tactics, Cohen’s book is a timely reminder that the British press is not simply the rampaging, lie-mongering industry it can sometimes appear. Instead, he reveals how the press works within a litigious and restrictive system, where those with money and power can censor the most important, newsworthy stories of the day – a system described by United Nations as having ‘served to discourage critical media reporting on matters of serious public interest, adversely affecting the ability of scholars and journalists to publish their work’.

Unsurprisingly, given his subject matter, Cohen focuses on examples from people now deceased, and who therefore cannot be defamed. It is interesting, then, to consider just how much is going unsaid today, and who is pulling the legal strings that are silencing the press.”

Isn’t it just?
Read the whole thing

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