Sun Sets on Daybreak Couple

In normal circumstances, the lower you sink in the media the higher you rise. The failure of Adrian Chiles and Christine Bleakley to make a success of Daybreak, a witless breakfast show that was fluffier than a cheerleader’s pompom, has therefore caused something close to consternation in the television industry.
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One thought on “Sun Sets on Daybreak Couple

  1. Follow the money, said Deep Throat.
    But I know I would have said not to. ITV?
    I never watched the One Show, so I cannot but wonder what the chemistry of the pair that enflamed a nation was like.
    I suppose I could go on youtube and type in Adrian and Christie’s best bits…but the internet being the internet it very well could be that something will show up for the hollow eyed instead.
    Witless – great word.

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