MTV for Tories

Since you asked, Lord Grantham was in despair because his wife had grown distant from him. He makes eyes at a maid. The wench realises that such goings-on are not proper. She leaves her job without a word of complaint or a demand for compensation, as mistresses do, and the earl’s wife acknowledges that she had “neglected” his lordship. Everything is for the best in the best of all possible country houses. Fellowes crowbars the affair into about ten minutes of airtime spread in bitesize portions over two episodes and then moves on to the next dish.
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One thought on “MTV for Tories

  1. Watching american tloevisien vox pops just after the news broke about the teenage daughter’s pregnancy, I was impressed by the woman who opined that Palin should think twice about running because she had so many real and tragic problems at home a disabled baby and a pregnant teen daughter. Top argument.What about her husband? Even if she is VP he is still around.But the pregnancy was always going to be an issue as others have mentioned Palin is against teaching sex education in school and instead supports abstinence only education. Perhaps this is an example of how well the latter really works in practice. And as was demonstrated in the interviews of republicans, it also touches on the issue of abortion and marriage.

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