If you’re young and want a job, you’d better hope that your parents can pay your way

If you are young, middle class and desperate for work, what will matter most to you – that you are young or that you are middle class? A thought that is as much a bristling resentment as a coherent argument is growing among those unlucky enough to have been born around 1990. They believe that their lives will be determined by their age, not by their background or their schooling and certainly not by any help a negligent government deigns to give them.

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2 thoughts on “If you’re young and want a job, you’d better hope that your parents can pay your way

  1. graceAustralia’s tragedy is also its savnig virtue (I won’t use your name in vain there). As the ghost of Sir Edmund Barton reminded us on our TV screens during the centenary of Federation, Our country was formed by a vote, not by a war. I just imagine HOW you could interest an Aussie nipper in our Constitution. Until very recently, I would have drunk a gallon of paint-stripper rather than enrol in an Australian history course.Surprisingly, did quite a LOT in primary school, and pretty progressive too by the standards of the day (pre-Mabo). But then I avoided it all through high school, until timetable clashes forced me to Modern European History for 2 years of HSC. But yay! Australian wasn’t mentioned once.Today? I am reading memoirs of AWU members from the 1980s and 1990s and their views on England, the Chinese, class struggle, parliamentary democracy (I kid you not). I can cite pretty much most of our Constitution’s provisions, the relevant sections, iconic high court decisions, how they interrelate, and so on. And you know what? It fascinates the hell out of me today.But if you really want to blow your mind, there’s a project based at Macquarie Uni Law school, which is putting online for all to access, every single case that came before the NSW Supreme Court from Captain Phillip onwards. Given they were mostly then thoroughly reported in the the Sydney Morning Herald with no idea that political correctness beckoned a mere 150 years away, they don’t hold back!

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