Lest we forget, the City still thrives on greed

The turning of the memorial to merchant seamen drowned in the two world wars into a playground for revelling bankers this Christmas is hard to better as an example of the way we live now. Or as an argument against the way we live now.

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7 thoughts on “Lest we forget, the City still thrives on greed

  1. That’s an excellent piece today. It’s vile that the work-do’s will go ahead.
    I know Boris Johnson likes his money and people with money, but he could/should say something or put a stop to such areas being used in that way.To keep the area clean from vomit and trash, it would be a good protest to have.

  2. I think Tower Hamlets council are going to be amazed and appalled by the outrage they will receive from ex merchant seamen. The people that this Memorial venerates had no grave. They went to war mostly without any means of defending themselves and got 7 days survivors leave after being torpedoed, and then wet back out again. Now crass, venal and self serving penpushers are going to allow parties to be thrown on this ground, so the council makes a bit of money and , probably the officials that agreed it will get themselves afew free invites. Sickening!!

  3. P. Wakely – There’ll be officials there all right (and all night). It’s almost unbelievable isn’t it. When you read something like this you think to yourself – has this been lifted from some novel or something?
    “Wow, what an imagination the author has, very acute”.
    I hope a strong campaign against it starts soon.

  4. This is absolutely spot on! I only wish that the Today programme discussion on British good manners, or not, had brought up this example. It is a crowning example of bad manners and disrespect that anybody should actually contemplate partying on a garden of remembrance.

    Somebody mentioned Mark Twain’s definition of good manners as concealing how much you think of yourself and how little you think of everyone else. These City revellers, and the people at Moving Venue, are not even bothering to try to conceal their enormous self regard.

    I do hope this gets stopped.

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