The treachery of Julian Assange

You did not have to listen for too long to Julian Assange‘s half-educated condemnations of the American “military-industrial complex” to know that he was aching to betray better and braver people than he could ever be.

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4 thoughts on “The treachery of Julian Assange

  1. The excuse of Guardian reporters, that they thought the web site had been taken down when they published the key to encrypted raw wikileaks files is absurd. When a file is published on the internet it is available to anyone. It can be downloaded and stored for later use, even if it cannot be read without a key.

    The Guardian authors who published the key are responsible for the data being widely released. Anyone with a copy of the file tucked away was then able to use the Guardian key to open the file up. What possible motivation could they have had to publish the actual key? Either stupidity or malice is my guess.

  2. I came by this site totally by acdnecit and felt the need to inject what I consider to be a more practical and sane viewpoint. I believe that persons such as Mr. Assange pretty much give up their so called rights to attempt to cause harm and mayhem when their agenda is so obviously pro anarchist and yes terrorist. Hiding behind rights has become in vogue over the past forty years or so and, while I definitely believe that everyone deserves to be treated fairly, in the case of this Gentleman , fair should probably include allowing those who he has so blatantly and un- apologetically harmed so have direct access to him. Consider that those who have or are being helped by his actions will be those who will gladly deny many of you the rights you are so fond of touting.

  3. This criminal is cntimmtiog dangerous blackmail with the lives of millions of innocents, and if he keeps this up for not too long someone will rightfully assassinate him and no one will care about his death and his criminal capers.

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