Labour’s wretched lack of backbone over banks

Democracy’s advantage over other systems of government is meant to be that electorates can throw out incompetent leaders who do not respond to changing times. Knowing this, governments realise that they cannot let abuses of power continue. They must reform or perish.

Since the crash of 2008, British democracy has failed. Most of the political class and a large section of the public responded to a shock as great as the 9/11 attacks by carrying on as if nothing had happened. The effort to pretend that we can return to where we once were has been huge. But the strains of keeping up appearances are starting to show. Ideologies that once seemed dominant are now looking threadbare and ridiculous.

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One thought on “Labour’s wretched lack of backbone over banks

  1. Rebekka, I’m with you. We’re always being told that the main reosan that men don’t stay home with the kids is the whole breadwinner thing.I’d be awfully surprised if Sarah Palin’s salary as governor isn’t significantly higher than the income her husband makes as a commercial fisherman/oil contractor. This family is making exactly the same decision that most other families do the partner that earns the most money keeps on working, and the other partner shoulders the bulk of the child-care.Also, she has an obligation after being elected to public office to turn up and do the job, it’s not the same as any other job she asked people to trust her when they voted for her that she would do the job. There’s nothing wrong with her living up to that promise.There are so many aspects of her public policy that are flakey and ripe for highlighting and criticism her family’s reproductive choices should not be front and center, because once again it’s making a woman’s value be all about her uterus and what issues from it. Can we please look beyond a fertile woman’s uterus for once?

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