Writers Blocked

From Standpoint

Of the eight dramas in ITV’s summer season, six were crime stories. The seventh was Doc Martin, an amiable and undemanding romantic comedy. The eighth was Downton Abbey, which is not a crime story but is most certainly a crime. The mystery of why Britain with its thriving theatre and unsurpassed literary tradition is so bad at making television drama becomes easier to solve when you look at the schedules. Soap opera aside, fiction on television means crime fiction. Medical and comic dramas follow far behind. Science fiction is represented only by Doctor Who and its spin-offs; fantasy only by Merlin. Romance, war stories and the television equivalent of literary fiction barely appear.

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3 thoughts on “Writers Blocked

  1. There was a lot over-done throughout The Hour(s). I got the impression none of the characters had so much as cut a finger, which would have given them some self-realization that they were human. They were all pink shadows, if you know what I mean.
    Oh yeah, one wrote poetry…that showed he had a heart, didn’t it. But his eyes were always moving to fast for him to be a poet, I’d say.

  2. Was talking to Spiros, adrain!So a sense of crisis around the ticket is fine if spreading sleazy rumours focusing on the reproductive choices of the candidate is the way to engineer it? Isn\’t there enough in Palin\’s record and positions and in her public not private acts to question the validity of the choice?The current firestorm media generated whereby this is another Thomas Eagleton and McCain is being urged to dump her is just going to create sympathy for Palin and let McCain stand up to the meejah and the political class almost universally despised in the States. And look like a TOUGH MANLY PRESIDENTIAL MAN.I return to the point I made in the thread the Democrats are more than capable of winning based on the feckin\’ issues! Playing the game on the values turf will actually be to Obama\’s disavantage, because it gives McCain (and Palin) a huge free pass on their actual politics, while all this dumb-arsed nonsense swirls around.

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