Let the law save whistleblowers, not silence them

From the Observer

“To be happy means to be free and to be free means to be brave,” said Pericles but he did not have work in today’s hierarchies. In Britain, the brave are sacked and the rest of us leave our freedoms behind when we enter the workplace. After the bankrupting of the financial system and the disgrace of the Murdoch empire, we need to think of new settlements that stop the private interest in keeping your job overwhelming the public interest in free debate.

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2 thoughts on “Let the law save whistleblowers, not silence them

  1. To read side by side with this, there’s an excellent report in this fortnight’s Private Eye – NHS Whistleblowing Special.

  2. Take a look around the Blogosphere and see what is not there – no seriously critical blogs about nursing, social work, the NHS, social care or Whitehall. Those who did blog have been silenced. Look for the dog who did not bark – that is where trouble lies.

    I think I would rather have snooping journos paying dropsy to coppers and staying in business revealing tittle tattle from celebs if just occasionally those same journos blow the gaff on MP expenses, incompetence and lying in government. Even the Murdoch Press is not all bad – I don’t like Murdoch but even he is more honest than the UK Establishment. Remember just who stayed silent about WMD.


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