Face the facts – Syria is an apartheid state

From the Observer

For a tyrant whose forces took 13-year-old Hamza Ali al-Khateeb, burned him, mutilated him, shattered his knee caps, cut off his penis and sent his corpse to his parents as a warning against participating in opposition politics, Bashar al-Assad receives remarkably forgiving treatment.

Barack Obama, who purports to be the free world’s leader, proved last week that he can speak his mind when he is confronted with behaviour he believes to be truly beyond the pale when he ordered Congressman Anthony Weiner to resign for tweeting pictures of his bulging briefs to a distressed American woman.

Despite his uncompromising stance on Weiner’s erect penis, Obama still cannot find it in himself to say that Assad must also resign for the slightly more tasteless offence of castrating Syrian boy…

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One thought on “Face the facts – Syria is an apartheid state

  1. I find your description of the Henry Jackson Society slightly problematic. How can a ‘pro-democracy think tank’ have opposed the removal of Mubarak’s dictatorship? The HJS did just that..

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