MF Husain

I’ve a piece on the death on MF Husain in today’s Observer

I wrote a longer article about him in Standpoint a few months ago here

2 thoughts on “MF Husain

  1. I knew instantly who this was about, having read the Standpoint piece when it first came out.
    Looking at the photograph of Mr Husain and reading his sad explanation quoted in this piece leaves a feeling of sickness inside.
    Quiet courage and talent, and, christ, with what he’s gone through, he deserves great respect.

    Let me make a serious point, though it might seem not to be one for the candour used. I should know what I’m talking about, having been single since 16 years old. I am now 35.
    What I can say, and it really does not need said, is that the works of Mr Husain are in no way, no way at all, pornagraphic or erotic.
    They simply express the body in its simplest form: nakedness.

    Sad news.

  2. Today, on Radio 4’s obituary programme Last Word, MF Husain sadly was a subject. He was eloquently described and endorsed by two good witnesses/ friends. But in there, the programme’s host said that he caused a controversy with some of his work. He?
    He didn’t cause any controversy; Shiv Sena did though.

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