And this is the Labour Candidate?

I hear that at a recent meeting with Jewish leaders, Ed Miliband ran into a problem that may destroy his ambitions to become Prime Minister. Everyone was getting along famously until the Livingstone question came up.

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2 thoughts on “And this is the Labour Candidate?

  1. I do think the Liberal party might find it easier to move to caandidte selection by primaries than Labor as Labor’s traditions around core membership, doing time, serving the party and it’s union affiliations are not ide3ally suited to a more open political environment for politicians to emerge.Corin is correct about the difficulty that Labor would face in introducing primaries. But the reasons are more direct than traditions .All the state and territory branches of the ALP count in their memberships trade union representation. These unions claim by right representation on State Executives and by exercise of these state and territory power bases representation at National Conference.Moreover, a large proportion of the funding of the operations of the ALP come from union subscriptions.How would this representation be weighed were the ALP to move to primaries? for example, how many votes would the AWU get in NSW and in which electorates would their votes be counted?The ALP is a strange hybrid of collectivism and individual commitment. At the level of representation and participatory democracy these two principles are at war with each other.Yet both tendencies need each other. A union-dominated party would be a mere electoral rump. A party of leftist individuals would be an impoverished irrelevancy.

  2. If anything jduging by the tory comments on here Liberals need more people like Holland the virtual attack dogs that hit them where it hurts. The drive to take on the ideologues on the right has been severely lacking ever since Chretien left. Holland just scares the hell out of the tories. Apart from that they need to define what they stand for, no more apologies for socially liberal policies or long standing progressive values associated with the party. In fact, Rob Anders et al need to be challenged head on. Why is it that the constituents of Calgary West didn’t get a champion among the Liberals when they tried to force him out at the nomination process by signing up for the local tory riding association.Holland was the only Liberal in the Durham region for 3 consecutive elections, this guy won cuz of his own personal strenghts and clear stance on issues such as gay marraige and the gun registry etc. If the Liberals under Martin cut family reunification then it doesnot make sense for any immigrant to vote Liberal over conservative, the party that reduced it further. They are both the same as most people nowadays say. Can you imagine a conservative gov. instead of a Liberal one apologising and compensating minorities for draconian immigration laws passed against them in the racist past??? but it happened didn’t it? what are the Liberals afraid of!!! the people that are anti non-euro immigration, pro guns, against social progressivism, anti-french never vote Liberal anyway.

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