Royal Pain: The Republican Case Against Britain’s Monarchy

During one of the royal pageants that periodically choke the streets of London, a conservatively dressed American approached me.

“You must be so proud,” she trilled, and she became quite truculent when I told her I felt nothing but shame. “How can you hate your country?” she snapped. “What’s the matter with you?” “I don’t hate my country,” I replied, “and there’s nothing the matter with me. Like you, I am a republican.
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One thought on “Royal Pain: The Republican Case Against Britain’s Monarchy

  1. I have nothing against either Republicans or Monarchists. Like most of the population of the Great Britain, i do not identify myself as either. I was lukewarm at the prospect of yesterday’s shenanigans, but was won over by the preposterously evident joyfulness of the occasion. Mr Cohen suggests that there were millions of republicans enjoying everyday life as the nuptials progressed. I can tell him that in the gap between arrival back at the palace and the balcony scene, i went to my local supermarket and the place was merely echoes from perhaps the odd diplomatic corp staff cook’s deliberate footsteps past the apple varieties. The emptiness of the streets was later confirmed by two flower sellers at the tube station and the largely Korean staff at the nail place nearby… (all of whom had access to telly and weren’t watching The Other Side)

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