Review: Political Journeys by Fred Halliday

A few years ago the BBC asked Fred Halliday to look at a list of the British Muslim, Jewish, Arab and Zionist groups it had asked to comment on its Middle East coverage. What, it asked, should it do with their contradictory advice?
“Ignore it completely,” snapped Halliday, “and ask yourself whether they should have any standing in the matter.”
Fred Halliday, professor of international relations at the LSE, polyglot, engaged chronicler of the traumas of the cold war and Middle East and one of the few intellectuals to whom that overused epithet “citizen of the world” genuinely applied, hated the special pleading of tribal and confessional groups.
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One thought on “Review: Political Journeys by Fred Halliday

  1. The website looks good.

    I’m going to get this book. I’m reading Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s The Caged Virgin – a book I’m sure Fred Halliday thought as an important one.

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