EU support for Arab rebels is shamefully late

The Arab revolutionaries have found a new comrade. On Friday, the European Union joined them in the struggle for liberty by promising to extend its commitment to democracy and justice to cover the dictatorships of the Middle East. Europe could not bring itself to support military intervention against Gaddafi. Nonetheless it talked of a “partnership” to promote independent political parties, a free judiciary, uncorrupted bureaucracies… the full democratic works.

These are novel rights for the Middle East. Equally novel is European enthusiasm for them. The crashing sound you can hear is the noise of gears being wrenched into reverse. European foreign ministries are abandoning the shameful policy of decades, as they realise that realpolitik has left them on the wrong side of history – as it always does.
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2 thoughts on “EU support for Arab rebels is shamefully late

  1. Mark @ 82: I’ve been travelling the lireabl blogs, and I think the misogyny argument is crap. Misogyny is the reason she was picked, for crying out loud. I haven’t seen much winking or ridiculing of her hunting skills. I’ve seen her taken apart on both the issues (eg. qualifications, experience, interest in big issues, etc) and on the weird hypocrisy that a the term for downtown Detroit teen pregnancy is (to quote Reagan directly) promiscuity , but when it’s a Republican anti-choice anti-s-x education candidate’s daughter, it’s pro-life values in action (James Dobson).Craig @ 86: Obama’s experience is thin indeed, but I’d argue it’s more significant than Palin’s. But Obama has spent the last 12 months being tested, and beat a juggernaut. He also doesn’t tend to say I’m not really interested in Iraq or what does the Vice-President do anyway? . What people have seen from Obama over the primary season is a capacity to deal with complexities, amazing organisational leadership, an ability to break through bipartisan political conventions (eg. foreign policy), and so on.But ultimately, your point proves my (main) point in my earlier post: US elections are not about the issues. I’m willing to say that’s why Obama beat Clinton too, if it makes you feel better. And that’s as an Obama fan from the beginning.

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