Why omerta still suits the the City’s mafiosi

‘Why are we so hated?” the City asks with increasing nervousness as it begins to realise that its gaudy allure is fading. “Because you wrecked our prosperity and then stole our taxes,” is the short answer it will hear during the coming weeks as bankers pick up £6bn in bonuses.

The national consensus holds that the City is being “rewarded for failure” and, for once, the national consensus is right. Most understand, too, that in the cases of RBS, Halifax and the other bailed-out banks, the financiers are engaged in a theft of public money beyond the dreams of a mafia crime family. What we must grasp if there is to be serious reform is that the bonuses are rewards for cowards as well as for failures.
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4 thoughts on “Why omerta still suits the the City’s mafiosi

  1. My bank will be charging me £20 for going slightly beyond my overdraft limit.
    What a nerve they have, when you look at what they’ve done!
    Another good piece.
    Nick, did you get a first in PPE?

  2. Just noticed this (copied & patsing here) update on TSSD site from his wife:JUST A QUICK UPDATE ON NICK (6-9-12) Nick is on the mend after contracting Legionnaires Disease about ten days ago. We have no idea if he was exposed in San Diego or while we were in Texas for the show. He is out of ICU now and improving slowly. I am doing my best to keep the business under control and I welcome your calls, e-mails and orders! The Store is opened for business! Thank you all for your concern, thoughts and prayers again! there is nothing like the friendship of the toy solder collecting community! If we got through last year’s challenge, we can sure get through this one!

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