Why the Left Loses

The failure to understand that the far left is as malign as the far right, and that its violence and anti-Semitic conspiracy theories overlaps with the violence and conspiracy theories of the far right, explain why the British Left always loses

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2 thoughts on “Why the Left Loses

  1. These 2 snippets of the same student protests in Manchester :-

    Witnesses report that among the chants directed at him from a small number of demonstrators were “——- Tory Jew”. Other protesters responded to the anti-semitic taunts aimed at Mr Porter by chanting: “No to racism, no to racism.” – Telegraph

    Some of the protestors in Manchester turned on Porter – who had been due to speak at a rally in the city – calling him a “Tory too”. – Guardian http://www.guardian.co.uk/education/2011/jan/29/student-protesters-nus-president

    Is the Telegraph trying to smear the protestors or is the Guardian trying to divert our attention? Or does what you hear depend on where you stand?

  2. A Tory too? Eh? What was he called as well as that?
    It’ll have been Jew; it’ll have been Jew.
    As for Egypt and surrounding countries: Tremblez Tyrans!

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