Only religious thugs love blasphemy laws

Blasphemy is not a protector of religious freedom, as the UN maintains, but its mortal enemy

If the circumstances were not so hideous, the successful attempt by Pakistan to persuade the UN Human Rights Council to condemn blasphemers who defame religion would have been a black comedy. Every word its diplomats used in 2009 to protest against Islamophobia turned out to be a precise description of the prejudices the Pakistani state was appeasing at home.

They told the UN it must approve a universal blasphemy law to protect religious minorities from “intolerance, discrimination and acts of violence”. If they were not the hypocrites they appeared, but honourable men, who wanted to help all minorities and not only Muslims, they must now accept that Salmaan Taseer was butchered for protecting Pakistan’s religious minorities from its own blasphemy law.

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6 thoughts on “Only religious thugs love blasphemy laws

  1. That’s horrible. It makes me very sad to know of those two deaths and the continuing laws that will allow more like them to happen.
    The reflections of how some things are in my daily life compared with what people elsewhere have to live through, make me feel sick.

  2. Short and directly to the core, perhaps even too short in the opening remark, because you probably meant “blasphemy LAWS” not blasphemy ?

    I probably got the meaning right, though?

    In Cod we trust

  3. For anyone who doesn’t know, Christopher Hitchens has also written a good piece about this. It’s this week’s Fighting Words, in Slate.

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