Who will confront the hatred in Hungary?

The European Union seems happy to ignore the repression that is happening under Viktor Orbán

  • Nick Cohen
  • All sides agreed that there should be no fuss when Hungary‘s Viktor Orbán took over the presidency of the European Union yesterday. The EU’s technocrats would allow Orbán to play the big guy on the international stage, as long as he let Brussels run Europe behind the scenes. Brussels assured Orbán’s rightwing Fidesz party in return that it would not look too closely at how he runs Hungary.

    Both parties will maintain the pretence that Hungary is a decent democracy and not discuss the ugly little state that is growing within Europe’s borders.

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2 thoughts on “Who will confront the hatred in Hungary?

  1. It´s outrageous. I have asked all the Swedish EU MPs to take a look at if Hungry is recieving any EU funding for the National theatre. And if so make a cut. What they are doing does not line up nicely with the UNESCO convention that EU recently rattified. Thanks for a good articel, and ha ha I found you in” Quatar at peninsula news”.

  2. From a comment on your article in CiF:

    “Nick Cohen, go and draw your Axes of evil in a kids colouring-in book and you can join the dots between Hungary, Belarus and Venezuela in an appropriate format and not soil a serious news media with this kind of pre-Iraq-war petty-minded drivel.”

    Jayzus, Nick, why would you do that to yourself – I mean publishing stuff in CiF? I can imagine a more enjoyable occupation – like cutting off own limbs with a dull knife or somewhat…


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