‘Far-left’ and ‘far-right’: distinctions without differences

In my Observer column today, I talk about the growing repression in Hungary and my dislike of the terms “far right” and “far left”. Look for divergences between them and all you find are distinctions without differences. Dictatorial movements in Europe are merging; apparent opposites are turning out to be the same. The rather brave Hungarian artists I spoke to are threatened by fascistic forces. Yet when they fear for the future, they think of the fate of the subject people of “socialist” Belarus, whose dictatorship is being supported by the local representative of the supposed free speech lovers at Wikileaks, a story my Fleet Street colleagues ought to think about covering.

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One thought on “‘Far-left’ and ‘far-right’: distinctions without differences

  1. I agree that there are similarities between the far left and far right but why is it that you call Saddam, Stalin et al “right wing”? You’ve read Liberal Fascism, you know that Mussolini was a man of the left, you’re presumably aware of the speeches in which he glorifies “the proletarian and fascist Italy”, or when he criticises the French and British “plutocratic democracies”, just as, presumably, you’re aware of the etymological and intellectual basis of National Socialism.

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