Reformers for the Ancien Regime

Thursday, 30th December 2010

Over on Coffee House my colleague Dan Hodges notes that a large chunk of the Parliamentary Labour Party has come out against AV, and speculates that their stand will help the “No” campaign.

So it may, but he is missing the true danger to the “Yes” campaign, which lies with its friends rather than its enemies. To be blunt, the supporters of “reform” are at best deluded and at worse rank hypocrites. The alternative vote solves no problems and remedies no grievances. It is an unlovely and unloved electoral system, as the voters of New Zealand showed when their government gave them the chance to choose how they cast their votes. New Zealanders were interested in all kinds of reforms to first-past-the-post but dismissed AV with scorn. Which is all AV deserves because…

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One thought on “Reformers for the Ancien Regime

  1. I promise the Lib Dems that I will absolutely be voting for AV in the referendum. I am totally committed to doing so. It is unimaginable that I wouldn’t vote for AV. I am shocked that they could even consider the possibility that I might not.

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