The Hounding of M. F. Husain


January/February 2011

M.F. Husain: “India’s Picasso” has been forced to flee his homeland due to Hindu extremism and state censorship

On December 7, a large circle of family, friends and admirers gathered in Dubai to celebrate the 97th birthday of M. F. Husain. They thought it was going to be his 95th birthday. So did he. But a diligent archivist had unearthed a birth certificate a few months before, and discovered that grand old man of Indian art was older by two years.

No one doubts that Maqbool Fida Husain is India’s grand old man of art. Western conceptual art is now so formulaic, so lost in mannerism and ironic self-reference, he may be the world’s greatest living artist, although writers tempt ridicule when they make such ostentatious claims. I would defy any critic, however, to deny that Husain embodies the spirit of his country.

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