Michael Moore: Stupid White Man

Saturday, 18th December 2010

An elderly and very left wing friend told me a couple of years ago that he was delighted to be visiting Cuba for the first time. “Be careful,” I said, “remember this is a country without political or economic freedom, where the desperate population tries everything from drug selling to prostitution to stay alive. Don’t talk to anyone about politics. They might think you’re a police stooge.”

“Really Nick,” my friend replied, “you are getting so right wing. Cuba has universal literacy and the best health service in Latin America.”

I remember thinking at the time that literacy was no use to Cubans when the state told them what they could and could not read. As for the marvellous health service, alas…

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2 thoughts on “Michael Moore: Stupid White Man

  1. Just to amplify – and to say something more important – the person concerned produced very important work for Hitler. This work was crucial in the development of Nazxi power.

    That’s why I was surprised when Nick Cohen spelled her name wrong.

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