The Illiberal Democrats

Tuesday, 7th December 2010

I would be taking high-mindedness too far if I were to say that the press is missing the real point of the Mike Hancock story. I cannot blame editors for falling to their knees and thanking whatever gods there may be for giving them the tale of how a bearded old man hired a gorgeous Russian assistant, whom MI5 now believe to be a Kremlin spy. Editors are only flesh and blood, after all, despite appearances to the contrary.

So I will just say that, when they have finished feasting their eyes on Ms Zatulitever and the other East European lovelies Mr Hancock has found himself obliged to assist in the course of his Parliamentary duties, they should ask a pointed question.

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One thought on “The Illiberal Democrats

  1. That’s meant to be you’ve not you’re. And if these two posts go up, I better say that it’s not Nick whom I address amo, pointlessly…
    No, my love for him creates inside me the most welcome numinous serenity, not a feeling of sadness, like t’other one.
    (Off stage left, muffled mirth).

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