Why the poor loathe the Coalition

Conservative readers still don’t understand why the Coalition is hated in the poor areas of Britain. They would grasp the loathing better if they went back through the arguments they made in opposition, and realised that their leaders have failed to follow through the logic of the ideas they once espoused.

The best Tory criticism of Gordon Brown to my mind was that he had stood by while the boom bypassed large parts of Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, the North and South West. He left them with Soviet-style local economies, dominated by the public sector. Their populations’ prosperity depended on state subsidy rather than private endeavour. True enough, but..

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One thought on “Why the poor loathe the Coalition

  1. A good thing to include Susie Bonifaces’s piece in full.
    Christ, what a bloody state parts of this country are going to be in.
    I don’t know if there is something he may have said or done in the past which more informed people would sneer at, but I was impressed by John Mann throughout the expenses scandal and continue to be so whenever he’s on the telly or radio. He’s a solid, intelligent, no-nonsense, decent MP.
    What I see, where I work (think Your M&S), you’d never think there was anything the matter with the country. Oh yes, sorry, I’m wrong on this point – only last week there was a huge crowd poured in early to get the discounted champagne.

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