Downton Abbey: A Disneyland for David Cameron

Britain, the only country in Europe with an electorate that would tolerate a return of the old ruling class to power, is also the only European country where a TV company could produce Downton Abbey. To the surprise of the critics, but not of those who have noticed that the National Trust has two million more members than all the political parties combined, this affectionate drama about the ancestors of today’s aristocracy has become the hit of the autumn season.

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2 thoughts on “Downton Abbey: A Disneyland for David Cameron

  1. I haven’t watched this Downton Abbey. It seemed too much like that Candleford and the other one to be interesting, whenever promotion for it was shown.
    And it didn’t surprise me to read what Nick says about it having very little to it. Spray a bit of nostalgia on something, that’ll do the trick, I can hear producers sing…

  2. My dear Mr.Cohen – the only European country? Either this is humour too subtle for my understanding, or you have never seen a popular German serial. They are all about beautiful, courageous, upright, and very very rich German aristocrats defending their businesses and their employees from nasty, piratical, mass-sacking American raiders. The amount of implicit social bootlicking is unbelievable. And let’s not even get into Brazil’s “telenovelas”.

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