The Moneyed Young Beasts

I took part in the Guardian’s politics’ programme last week and talked with my colleagues about the conferences. (You can hear it here.) One point that struck me after watching the Tories, was how short the party was of barnacled old buggers, with age and experience and an ability learned from years of hard slog to speak over the heads of the Paxmans and Humphreys and to the country. I suppose the Tories have Ken Clarke and Eric Pickles, but there are precious few others who can put down an interviewer and appeal to the voter.

Far too many people at the top of  politics reminded me of Orwell’s passage in Keep the Aspidistra Flying, in which he has his hero gaze with contempt at the book cases in the shop where he works and see

Snooty, refined books on safe painters and safe poets by those moneyed young beasts who glide so gracefully from Eton to Cambridge and from Cambridge to the literary reviews.

Moneyed young beasts gliding gracefully to positions of power is as good a description of the sociology of modern British politics as you are likely to find.

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6 thoughts on “The Moneyed Young Beasts

  1. After 18 months of unemployment, I have managed to shake off that un.
    Today, on the day of the Spending Review, where what’s ahead is set out in bleak detail, I get a job.

  2. Vote Conservative.

    Congratulations, Mr Burns.

    We think it is best that people realise that not working isn’t working, and to alter the views of those who say working isn’t working. We say it is working; it is what we believe shows best the qualities of this country’s people. It is the thing for many out there to do. And more will start soon.

    The Rt Hons Iain Duncan Smith &
    George Osborne

    Vote Conservative

  3. Join Us, Join Labour.

    Ross, don’t do that. I don’t hesitate to tell you – don’t vote conservative.
    This is a time for optimism – and you know that.
    I know that – my brother, he…
    But difficult times have been arranged for all of us, and you’ve got to go against what this coalition plan on doing. We need people who are happy to blast away at the face of the coalition; we need people who will say no to their proposals. I’ll be campaigning against these cuts; I’ll be holding to account George Osborne and David Cameron; I’ll join any peaceful, organized marches. I’m an optimist; I’m an activist; I’m proud to be in the position I’m in. I hope you too find the same satisfaction with your new job as I have with mine.

    Good luck, Ross Burns, and here’s a joke: What does Ian Duncan Smith want for Christmas? An amplifier that turns up to eleven.


  4. Ross, Cheryl tells me you have got a job.
    That is absolutely fantastic news! You’ve turned the mood; you’ve reached out and grabbed something for the better. You are inspirational. You’re like a phoenix rising from the dole.
    Hmm…this Nick Cohen name seems familiar…did he used to have a byline in the Birmingham Post & Mail?
    Anyway, my new car alarm ringtone is going off.
    Gorra go, ciao.

  5. You bastards!
    Ross, I’ll find out where you work an’ I’ll spill bear blood over your nice clean floor! I will!

    As for you Nick Cohen, why!! why you, you…you have to read this!

    Jack gave Jill a little pill
    to make her tummy feel better,
    But a pound on the ground made Jill bend down
    and she brought up her tea on her sweater.

    Copyright MR.

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