Gordon Brown: the morals of Nixon and the economics of Hoover

Review of Whatever it Takes: The Real Story of Gordon Brown and New Labour by Steve Richards

Let me see if I can remember when I first began to despise Gordon Brown. Maybe it was when his fixer Charlie Whelan announced to the wife of the political editor of the New Statesman that he could get her husband and father of her children fired for making a documentary about Ken Livingstone’s indulgence of the Islamist far right. Maybe it was a few months later when the New Statesman, in a move that it claims was unconnected, duly made him redundant. Or perhaps it was when Ivan Lewis, a decent Labour MP, daringly suggested that a centre-left government should require the rich to pay more tax. As punishment for crossing Brown and upsetting the City financiers he courted, person or persons unknown sent a flamed-up “scandal” about Lewis’s private life to tame Brownite hacks on the tabloids.

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3 thoughts on “Gordon Brown: the morals of Nixon and the economics of Hoover

  1. I think that labour overall lost it’s power and popularity about the time Mr Blair entered into a war as a puppet continuing onto Mr Brown. The upside for labour is the new con/dem will make Labour look like anglels as they continue to rip up the foundations of the UK.

    Gavin Moore

  2. There hasn’t been a better first sentence printed this year than the one here. I can understand Steve Richards having sympathy for Gordon Brown. Whenever he’s a pundit he sits uncomfortably when its about what is called Westminster talk. If it is to do with policy, as pointed out, he comes across as one of the better ones, someone who it is worth taking heed of. But I don’t think there is a more useful purpose for taking another look at Gordon Brown other than to confirm that he should be seen as the most moronic prime minister this country has had in a long while.

    Find a solicitor? More like find a dictionary and some idea of what it is like living in a country under the rule of someone like Saddam Hussein.

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