Let’s Kill all the Lawyers!

‘ve a piece in the Observer about the shocking treatment of Paul Chambers. To summarise, the 27-year-old worked for a car parts company in Yorkshire. He and a woman from Northern Ireland started to follow each other on Twitter. He liked her tweets and she liked his and boy met girl in a London pub. They got on as well in person as they did in cyberspace. To the delight of their followers, Paul announced he would be flying from Robin Hood airport in Doncaster to Northern Ireland to meet her for a date.

In January, he saw a newsflash that snow had closed the airport. “Crap! Robin Hood Airport is closed,” he tweeted to his friends. “You’ve got a week… otherwise I’m blowing the airport sky high!”

He wasn’t a terrorist nor was he making a bomb hoax call in cyberspace. As I say,

People joke like this all the time. When they say in a bar: “I’ll strangle my boyfriend if he hasn’t done the washing up” or post on Facebook: “I’ll murder my boss if he makes me work late”, it does not mean that the bodies of boyfriends and bosses will soon be filling morgues.

You know the difference between making a joke and announcing a murder, I’m sure. Apparently the forces of law and order do not.

A plain-clothes detective from South Yorkshire Police arrived at Chambers’s work. Instead of quietly pointing out that it was best not to joke about blowing up airports, he arrested him under antiterrorist legislation. A posse of four more antiterrorist officers was waiting in reception.

What is so startling is that all down the line public officials know that this was just a guy who wants to see his girl making a weak joke.
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9 thoughts on “Let’s Kill all the Lawyers!

  1. I’m not on twitter, so I can’t tweet on Friday.
    But if I were, I’d use this:

    Do not I
    deserve the right,
    to wake as I am
    and say what I might?

    Let’s hope some judge thinks Paul Chambers does.

  2. Now I am on Twitter ( I thought wasn’t free) but only for this coming Friday’s purpose.
    I think that’s a bit weak, so I’ll use something else – something about me, a knife and her majesty…

  3. Can someone do me a favour and see if my tweet can be seen on Twitter.

    *He wouldn’t have minded if he could read the message.

  4. I think the case has been adjourned.
    I have no idea how to tweet properly. It’s a good message too. The next time anyone is on Twtr, type in Hazlitter and have a peep: am I joking around?
    How the f*** do you send a tweet to a particular site?
    Give me two sticks to rub together, any day.

  5. Let’s All Kill Russell Brandt (Cant).

    He looks like a Bee Gee who’s not long back from a decade in a Siberian salt mine. Send him back.

  6. I’m not reading law but I am reading about it. And it isn’t difficult coming across good non-fiction works on the subject. However, when it comes to law fiction…
    Who writes good Legal novels? Not thrillers, but where the world of the Inns of Courts are the backdrop for some serious stuff.

  7. share this wonderfully fun widnedg with you all you may remember katie & nick from their engagement session (in which they laughed the whole time we did too!). they picked an amazing day in september

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