Metgate: What the Hacks think

What broadsheet journalists think about the phone hacking scandal is clear enough. Read my newspaper, the Observer, the Guardian or the New York Times and you will see that we believe that the News of the World has been engaged in widespread criminality, which a scared Scotland Yard has failed to investigate properly. (For an explanation of why it is criminal read this piece by the campaigning solicitor David Allen Green, who to my mind is one of the best bloggers in Britain.) The conviction of Clive Goodman, the News of the World’s Royal Correspondent, and Glen Mulcaire, the private investigator, who hacked messages for him, ought to be the start of a longer criminal process. Thousands of people’s phones were hacked, we suspect, and Andy Coulson, the News of the World’s editor, and now aide to that nice David Cameron, knew what was going on.

Now, Coulson must have known what Goodman was doing because he signed off the expenses. (If he did not, then he was a remarkably stupid editor.) But finding out what his former colleagues think of him is a hard task.

The pack has a code of silence. “We may work for rival papers but we will never dish the dirt on each other.” I remember on a job in Ireland meeting the gang and being told bluntly and repeatedly that what happens on tour stays on tour. Telltales from snobbish liberal broadsheets were not welcome.

I asked one of the best tabloid hacks I know what he thought of the Netgate scandal Speaking on condition of anonymity he replied.

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