Who Killed David Kelly? Part 2

In the Observer today I look at the media’s hatred of Tony Blair, which is building up in the advance of the release of his autobiography. The most distasteful manifestation of the mania is the conspiracy theory that Blair covered up the “murder” of David Kelly and maybe….

These ravings are not only coming from the Mail and Norman Baker, the conspiracy-loving Liberal Democrat MP, but from the Mirror, which ought to know better.
Carry on

4 thoughts on “Who Killed David Kelly? Part 2

  1. I was disappointen with your artical yesterday. I recall the events regarding David Kelly well. The BBC refused to disclose who gave Andrew Gilligan his information and because if this both Greg Dyke and Gavyn Davis lost their jobs. David Kelly’s revelations followed Blairs speach to the House of Commons and the vote that took us to war with what we now know was false information. It was Alistair Cambell, an unelected apointee who took it on himself to run round to Channel 4 news and in a fury stabbing his fingers on the table castergating the BBC.
    When David Kelly went to his superiors and admited that he had spoken to Gilligan, Number 10 press office in conjuction with John Scarlett seemed to engineer simple clues in their briefings that easily led to David Kelly being identifed by the press.
    That is my memory and I think it was wrong of you to blame the BBC solely.

  2. @Nick: “Is there Blood on your hands Prime Minster?” he was asked by a hack about the death of Dr David Kelly? And yes there was. He said later of the Iraq/Afghan war, ‘I did what I thought was right?’ Yes Tony but at what cost politically, financially and morally to you and us? And first and foremost Tony you got it so wrong..

    ‘Dodgy Dossier’ aside, he took ‘us’ to War for the wrong reasons? Half backed truths and weak HUMIT [Human Intelligence] . And the JIC [Joint Intelligence committee] should have stood up to him. The Hutton Inquiry was a whitewash of facts. The Butler Report was nearer the mark, but couched in Whitehall-speak, that only they [the never-naked-always-worried-about-their-careers-and –Mortgages] top Civil Servants and Politicians could understand.

    David Kelly probably killed himself, a scientist would never be definite about a fact, but say the probability is near 90%. Why look for a conspiracy when staring you in the face is incompetence.

    ‘Have you ever felt like you are a Patsy? You have been put up as chaff?’ Said one Parliamentarian committee member. Whether the machinations of egos colliding, i.e.: Alistair Campbell’s at Number 10 or Andrew Gilligan’s at the BBC they both contributed to Dr David Kelly committed suicide. They have blood on their hands.

    Dr David Kelly had converted to the Ba’hai Faith some years earlier, the all encompassing Abramaic come Buddhist belief system with their HQ in Jerusalem. His motivations [Dr D Kelly’s] for getting the truth out there, leaking to hacks, was because he may have been an honourable man who wanted to save lives.

    Andrew Giligans faxing to Liberals or alleged talking to key Tories on that committee [though their hack wives] was to use the War as a political pawn. Gilligan got the story right but then facts wrong and we, the people, lost a great Director General who honourably resigned from the BBC cause you got it wrong Andrew?

    As for that arrogant Burnley supporter, Alistair Campbell you were touting yourself around TV studios protesting to much. And a contributor to the Condem pact we have to now endure.

    Neither you nor Tony have shown any remorse and the close ‘friend’ who advised you about ‘Intel’, wrongly, was later promoted head of MI6 Sir John Scarlet.

    The lesson to our young might be ‘it does not matter if you get blood on you hands, lie, misinterpret information, completely muck up and your advice is costly when it takes lives, as you will be rewarded with a Promotion, whether it be a position or a fact-less book?

  3. Was David Kelly murdered? Who had something to gain by his untimely death? Or was his death a result of “powers at work” wanting to stir up trouble for the British government during the missing weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.
    There is a new novel called Lancashire Hotpot for sale on lulu that attempts to provide examples of a certain type of psychology closely linked to untimely deaths of key persons.


  4. I just want to say to Tony Blair yes u did what u thought was right,but so did Hitler nd so does Osama,they did what they thought was right,but was it Tony?

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