The middle class will get you, Mr Cameron

To my mind, the silliest headline of the 2000s appeared in the Times of 5 May 2006. Some academic had decided that what job you had, how much money you earned and who your parents were did not matter a damn in go-ahead Britain. Snobbery was dead. Meritocracy was here to stay. The Times ran this welcome news under the title: “We are all middle class now as social barriers fall away.” No one will take this nonsense seriously, I thought as I tossed the paper aside. But I reckoned without David Cameron.
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One thought on “The middle class will get you, Mr Cameron

  1. Oh c’mon. The ‘Establishment’ (and right-wing media in particular) are perfectly well aware of real middle-income levels. They pour this disingenuous nonsense into the well of false consciousness quite deliberately – it’s a strategem that works brilliantly in persuading millions of asset-poor people to vote for a party which actively seeks to undermine their best interests. Cameron may be many things but he isn’t a fool.
    And yes, yes, you’re right – the left (whatever that is these days) hasn’t a clue how to combat it.

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