Why Can’t Britain Make the Wire (Cont)?

My paper the Observer has now got stuck in with a debate between Boyd Hilton, who argues that British TV has no problems, and Euan Ferguson, who says the Brits are years behind. Boyd supports his argument by saying that the BBC made The Office

I’ve met many an American TV producer/writer/actor who talks in the same misty-eyed manner about Gervais and Merchant as we do about the creators of The Sopranos, Six Feet Under and Mad Men. And even though The Office is a comedy rather than a brooding, intense drama, if the question is “have we produced anything of similar quality?”, rather than “have we produced anything similar of similar quality?” I think you’ll find most American TV types would point to The Office (the final two episodes of which were pretty much comedy-drama anyway).

This is to miss the point,as Boyd half acknowledges.
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One thought on “Why Can’t Britain Make the Wire (Cont)?

  1. The people who give the green lights to pap programmes will no doubt watch the imported good things and whatever is good on rival channels. They’ll probably talk about them furiously at the dinner parties they have, (ones where you go ‘up to’, not go to, darling). Meanwhile, intelligent people in the industry have to hold their tongues otherwise they won’t be able to get work.
    You couldn’t get me to a brainstorming session.
    All this reversing and whatnot is ……………. and half the time it must be to give an impression of working. Did they use this method 30 or 40 odd years ago? I don’t think so.
    Remember that Tranter who wanted to erase the mystery from drama? So a who-done-it? becomes It-was-the-butcher-that-done-it!
    Well, I’d like it to be:
    It was Rosspierre that done it.
    Done what?
    Got you the chop.

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