Anyone but Balls (4)

No names, but recently I offered my services to a member of the campaign team of one of the Labour leadership candidates. “When the Brownites come for you, when craven lobby correspondents take orders at dictation speed from anonymous briefers and put false rumours about you in supposedly independent papers, let me know and I will help you fight back.”
The young woman looked appalled. I had committed a grave social error. No, no she insisted. This was a clean election. There would be no dirty tricks. Labour politicians were candid friends, fighting each other, yes, but in a courteous and comradely fashion.
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8 thoughts on “Anyone but Balls (4)

  1. Course they should take your help. You would have been able to mix it up and survive in the terror of 1789. It won’t have been lost on anyone standing when Ed Balls put himself forward for the contest that shadows would appear. The contest would no doubt have been a much fairer run thing if he hadn’t got the nominations.
    Nick, just get him whether anyone pays you or not.
    I’ve got half a giro left.

  2. I’m impressed by how the candidates – Balls and Miliband E in particular – have misjudged the public mood with their ultra-aggressive anti-Coalition cuts approach. They come across as whiny and shamelessly opportunistic every time they appear on TV, which is often. In fact, that Balls even considers himself a viable candidate for leader shows an alarming lack of self-awareness.

    I’ll be surprised is Miliband D doesn’t win, with Burnham perhaps the next least worst option.

  3. If any Labour contestant is mad enough to accept your help then the Party is truly in a mess.

    I would have thought Nick you are more likely to get more of a response from Gove with his current problems.
    He is more of your political bedfellow

  4. you mention a ‘track record’ in this piece, can you go into more detail – what are you referring to there?

  5. Ed Balls is going to be on This Week, tonight.
    What a last thing to see and hear before some shut-eye.
    Now Petre Mandelson says he is supporting him…
    Why Ed Balls wasn’t dropped altogether but instead was given the required number of votes for him to remain in the contest is unbelievable. Especially when you see the fresh faces now in the commons, you wonder why they didn’t do better at the box.

  6. I will give it to Ed Balls that, while on This Week, he didn’t quite look like Nick Cohen’s observation of Nick Griffin when he was on Question Time. But there is no doubt, no Sir, no doubt at all that Ed Balls is a liar. In time, I fear a memoir will come from him, to ‘correct’ all those other books and some journalists (guess who) that have got him and his mouth all wrong…

  7. Conrad Black has nothing to do with Ed Balls and his campaign, but what a £*(o%”666^!!! he is. I hate him. Why his release from prison headed quite a few BBC bulletins is beyond me…actually, no it isn’t – it’s just a case of what interests their news editors and programme editors, who’ll be excited that he might be coming over here to ‘scare’ people.

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