Radio 4 Revolution?

From Standpoint
Radio 4 is so lost in establishment liberalism it does not know how to break out of it. The BBC’s managers accept that they must give a hearing to the currents in public life they habitually ignore. But like a teetotaller on his first binge or a vicar on his first visit to a brothel, they do not experiment cautiously but go wild at the first sniff of a novel experience and hand the airwaves over to the strangest group produced by the Seventies far Left: the Revolutionary Communist Party.
The best way to describe it is as a cult that followed the teachings of its great helmsman, one Frank Furedi. The best way to understand the paranoia of its politics is to add that Furedi spent years working under the assumed name of “Frank Richards” because, like Lenin and Trotsky before him, he wanted a nom de guerre to throw the spies of the imperialist state off his trail.

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