The Irrelevant Liberals

The polls for the Sunday Times and Telegraph have the Lib Dems on 16 per cent and Labour and the Tories well up on the election. Meanwhile, over at the Observer we have a poll showing that leftish Lib Dem voters are ready to defect to Labour.

Who cares when there may not be an election for five years, and every sensible person is checking their beer and wine supplies and preparing for the England game rather than thinking about politics.

2 thoughts on “The Irrelevant Liberals

  1. Nearly two years before the election, Vince Cable had been seen as the Doctor most likely to cure the financial trouble. Vince Capable was he not known as. Now, in power, he not only looks grim being twinned with the Tories, he is finding himself viewed as a politician in the same way as the rest, and I don’t think he likes that either. He doesn’t seem the same man to me.
    After this afternoon, I think disappointed people are going to be looking for discarded manifestos and putting the kettle on and forgetting about the football.

  2. Who the do you think will gain the most ?.
    Tories or Labour.
    If the Tories are not the anti gay or anti black party you portray them as.
    Who is the home secretary ?

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