Defend Speed Cameras, Comrades!

The great Bryan Appleyard, surely the most underrated journalist in Britain, has picked up on this Guardian survey of leading Labour thinkers. “Whither the left?” it cried. And the answers were a tad bathetic.
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2 thoughts on “Defend Speed Cameras, Comrades!

  1. What the?
    Rome burns while the pageantry, well, what will it do for 15 weeks more! Is it guilt over the Brown coronation that the need for a prolonged contest has to be carried out? Never mind that, I say, dad’s army would have the kettle on even before this lot. There is important things for the country to be done. I agree – Hey Jonesy, say cheese for the cameras. £&*6*6*6#£*%.

    I had the guy behind the desk while I signed on
    telling me he might put in for the job I found since he’s soon to be paid off (I don’t think so, cheeky bugger). He’d just been told that day. Poor bugger.

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